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Health & Safety
Here at Kendaclean we acknowledge,respect and
fulfill our legal requirement to observe the Health &
Safety at work Act / regulations,

In addition, many years of experience in this
hazardous occupation has educated a practical

Key factors within the window cleaning industry
relating to Health & Safety  for example are :-

Working at heights

Prevention of Hazards & danger to yourself & others

Inspection of Equipment

Building control, reporting & evacuating procedure .

Hygiene & control of infection

Risk Assessment / Method Statement
Working At Heights
On average 13 people a year die at work falling from
ladders and nearly 1200 suffer major injuries.
Health & Safety executive Specifies
Duty Holders must avoid  working at height where
they can.

Traditional window cleaning in the past has been
carried out using Ladders.
We have many years experience carrying out
traditional window cleaning in this way.
How ever,In recent times there has been the
introduction of the Reach & Wash  System which
allows upper floor external windows to be cleaned from
the safety of the ground without the use of ladders.
We at Kendaclean have invested in the Reach & Wash
system and use this system when practical to do so.
Prevention of Hazards & Dangers
All workers have a legal responsibility to take care of
the health and safety of them selves and others.

Any tasks carried out by us will be carried out in a safe
manner so as to avoid dangers and hazards.
Where necessary warning cones or signs will be used
to forewarn of any hazard.  
Condition of Plant & Equipment
It is important that ladders and other equipment are safe
for use.
Equipment should be checked frequently for defects,
ladders should be inspected prior to each use.
Building control, Reporting & Evacuating
All work operatives should report to the designated
officer of a building for security & safety reasons.
Personal should make themselves aware and follow
evacuation procedures in particular fire exit &
assembly points.
Hygiene & control of infection,
We have much experience working in environments where hygiene is of crucial importance. Measures taken depend
on the particular area being worked. On Hospital Premises,we have spent many occasions in operating theatre
environments where it is necessary to discard normal work wear and redress with theatre gowns and over shoes.
Equipment needs to be disinfected before entry to these areas and of course water needs to be clean.
On ward areas, regular hand cleansing and changing of water before going from one ward to another is important to
prevent cross infection. Before entering areas on general wards, enquiries should be made to the ward sister as to
restricted access and which areas protective aprons should be worn. All aprons must be discarded to allocated
disposal on exit of each isolated area.   

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Risk Assessment & Method Statement
In response to any enquiry requiring cleaning to be carried out. A risk assessment will be carried out in parallel with
the costing procedure.
If it is felt that the risk is of concern, then a method statement will be recorded before work commences.