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Traditional or Reach and Wash
What is Traditional window Cleaning and What is Reach & Wash window Cleaning
What are the differences
Traditional Window Cleaning

The Term or phrase Traditional window cleaning
refers to the method of window cleaning that a
professional would have used prior to the fairly
recent introduction of the Reach & Wash system.
Previously a Professional Window Cleaner's typical
tools consisted of bucket, squeegee, water
applicator, scrim, leather or cloth and scraper.
Using these tools to clean windows would be
described as the Traditional Method.
Of course to use these tools to clean external upper
floor windows, a ladder would need to be climbed by
the window cleaner to access the window. This is
also referred to as the traditional window cleaning
Using these tools to clean the inside of windows or
external windows is referred to as the traditional
Reach and wash
(also sometimes referred to as water fed pole)

The Reach & Wash method of window cleaning was
introduced into the window cleaning industry approximately 5
years ago.
The introduction was to facilitate the cleaning of external
upper floor windows with out the need to use ladders.
The Majority of established window cleaning services now use
the Reach & Wash system to some degree.

The Reach & Wash system consists of the following
Long reach pole with a jetted brush head attached to it.
A van mounted or portable storage tank containing purified
Hoses, pump, pump regulator and power supply.

How it works

Pure water is pumped from the storage tank through hoses to
the pole brush head Jets, The pole is extended
to allow the brush head to be applied to the glass.
Agitation of the brush head whilst the pure water is being
applied to the glass causes any contamination to be removed
and the glass to be rinsed.
The glass will dry naturally clean and smear free as water
remaining is free from impurities.
(see demonstration image displayed on home page)

How pure is the water used with reach & wash
The water indeed needs to be extremely pure, in fact it needs
to be much purer than bottled water.
The extent to how pure water is, is measured in TDS
(total dissolved solids)
Normal Tap water would have an expected TDS reading of
about 400ppm (parts per million)
Purchased bottle water would have an expected TDS reading
exceeding 100ppm
Pure water to be used with the Reach & Wash method
should  be completely pure having  a reading of zero TDS (it
should be completely absent of dissolved solids)

Most window cleaners will posses a TDS metre to monitor the
purity of the water being used.
If the purifying system filters or resin are exhausted the TDS
reading will indicate this.
It is fair to say that water with a TDS reading of above 006ppm
should not be used with the reach & wash system.
If you need to satisfy your self that the water used is
adequate, ask to observe a TDS reading being taken.
Traditional  V  Reach & Wash

Health & Safety executive Specifies
Duty Holders
must avoid  working at height where
they can.
Because of Health & safety, many window cleaners
have progressed to using the Reach & Wash
Although its not suitable for all applications, for
example where window framed painted surfaces
have deteriorated.
Or where the windows need to be scraped free of
I would suggest that for external window cleaning
above ground floor level, the Reach & Wash
method is effective and suitable for more than 90%
of applications.
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